14 Sep 2015

Chokeslam is Filming in Saskatchewan

Creative Saskatchewan is excited to announce funding for local film Chokeslam.

Chokeslam is a co-production between Saskatchewan’s Karma Film and Alberta’s CHAOS a film company. The film begins shooting today and will have a Saskatchewan-based crew, of approximately 60 people.

“This is our second co-production with Karma Film,” says Carolyn McMaster, Producer, CHAOS a film company. “Our last movie, Ferocious, was filmed here to great success. We are excited to have the opportunity to work in this province again, and are very appreciative of the support we have received from the team at Creative Saskatchewan.”

Casting is currently under-way, with 16 roles earmarked for Saskatchewan talent, and over 300 extras. The producers are excited about the cast they are lining up for the film; bringing Chris Marquette, as Corey Swanson, and Amanda Crew, as Sheena “Machina” Halliday, back together to film in Saskatchewan.

"This is my second movie in Saskatchewan. The locations are perfect for the movie and the crews are dedicated and passionate about the arts," says award-winning writer/director Robert Cuffley (Walk All Over Me).

"Thank you to Creative Saskatchewan for their support of this project," says Anand Ramayya, Executive Producer, Chokeslam. “This is the best script I’ve read and is an ideal film to shoot in Saskatchewan.”

“We are thrilled to support this film,” says JP Ellson, CEO of Creative Saskatchewan. “Chokeslam is a rousing example of the creative work being done in our province.”

Chokeslam will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Corey Swanson, a mild-mannered deli clerk, who slices up cold cuts for a living, is good at hiding his unhappiness. But the grey cloud that’s hung over Corey’s head since high school is about to lift. Sheena Halliday, his first love, now a world renowned wrestler, has flown into town for their high school reunion. Corey attends, convinced that seeing Sheena one more time will finally give him closure on that better-forgotten chapter of his life. The cutthroat world of corporate wrestling has not been kind to Sheena. Her once promising career is now a downward slide of steroids and reality television appearances. Former classmates eagerly taunt this walking punch line, reveling in her misfortune. Watching as Sheena pummels these sorry men into unconsciousness, Corey becomes aware of one thing … He’s not over her. Not even close.

Chokeslam is the story of bruising your knuckles as you club your way through the barriers of love. It’s also about the perils of dating a wrestler with a bad temper.

For more information about Chokeslam: follow them on twitter @ChokeslamMovie and facebook www.facebook.com/ChokeslamMovie.



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