25 Apr 2016

Creative Industries Economic Impact Survey


Creative Saskatchewan knows that Saskatchewan’s creative producers not only contribute to the cultural landscape of this province, but also have a significant positive impact on the economy.


Survey Closes June 17


Today, we continue to pursue one of our top priorities for 2016: to accurately measure the size of the that economic impact.



Take the survey. Choose your sector.


Fine Craft  |    Music    |    Visual Art    |    Publishing



The Creative Saskatchewan Economic Impact Survey is back online. We encourage every creative producer in the province in fine craft, visual arts, music, and publishing, to complete it.


If you already took the time to complete this survey in February, thanks! No need to do it again.


If you tried to take the survey in February, but found it onerous, we’ve made some improvements based on your feedback. Please try it again!


We’ll use the data to reveal how your creative industry bolsters Saskatchewan’s economy. The stronger the economic data, the better support Creative Saskatchewan can provide in support of your commercial success.


All the data you provide is kept confidential by the company we’ve hired to do the survey, Praxis Consulting. None of the unique data you provide will ever be shared with Creative Saskatchewan, your Industry Association, the Government of Saskatchewan, or any other third party. The final report Praxis prepared will provide only an overview of each creative sector.



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