19 May 2015

Creative Saskatchewan Commits over $8 Million in Funding

Creative Saskatchewan has committed over $8 million in funding since accepting its first grant application in 2013.

The Creative Saskatchewan Investment Fund supports the marketing ventures of provincial creative producers. From marketing to touring, research, and business capacity Creative Saskatchewan grant programs support producers from the following creative industries:

                  Visual Art & Craft;
                  Music & Sound Recording:
                  Book Publishing;
                  Live Performing Arts; and,
                  Screen-Based Media.

Over the past 18 months these funds have been invested across all creative industries:

            Book Publishing              $733,548

    Live Performing Arts              $146,682

                               Music             $1,972,150

      Screen-Based Media            $4,589,652

           Visual Art & Craft             $600,057

These investments have supported numerous creative activities:

  42                Screen-Based media Development Projects

  24                Screen-Based Media Production Projects

150                Market Travel Events

 22                 Business Capacity & Research Projects

 18                 Commercial Sound Recording Projects

43                  Performing Arts Tours

 104               Marketing & Export Development Projects

36                  Creative Industry Production Projects

“We are happy about the amount of funds we have committed thus far,” says JP Ellson, CEO of Creative Saskatchewan. “We are seeing increased numbers of applications, and we are excited to continue supporting the province’s creative industries.”

The majority of the grant programs accept applications on a continuous basis; however, juried programs accept applications during a defined intake period. For programs with defined intakes, there are three aplication periods each year.



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