16 Dec 2015

Good Clean Fun with Rosie and the Riveters

Rosie and the Riveters are having plenty of good clean fun, all across the country, with the support of Creative Saskatchewan!


Good Clean Fun is the new album from Rosie & the Riveters. The quartet recently wrapped up a fantastic release tour. Their marketing initiatives to accompany the tour resulted in superb national coverage on CBC Radio 2 as well as a feature segment CTV’s eTalk Daily! That exposure had an exciting impact on attendance at live shows and album sales. Sold-out audiences filled the Broadway Theatre in Saskatoon, the Artesian in Regina, The Calgary Folk Club, The Blue Chair Café in Edmonton and the London Music Club! 



The grant provided by Creative Saskatchewan to support the tour opened a new market in Ontario, while allowing the band to nurture an established profile in Alberta and provide something special for fans in Saskatchewan - a full-band show! 



On top of all the fun of performing live, and getting national media attention, Rosie and the Riveters connected with festival organizers and other venue owners to build on their momentum. They received many invitations to return to the venues they filled along the way, and they’re looking forward to the future, with the Maritimes and North-Eastern USA now on their radar.


Congratulations to Rosie and the Riveters on their remarkable success on the road in recent weeks. Here’s to more good clean fun in the future!



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