27 May 2016

Grant Guidelines Updated


May 27, 2016



Today Creative Saskatchewan announced updated program guidelines.  The changes are designed to improve clarity on what is eligible under the agency’s grant programs.


“We made revisions focused on the client’s perspective, and to confirm with our industry groups that we were going in the right direction,” said Interim CEO Susan Gorges. “Some applicants were uncertain about eligible activities under some of our programs and what documentation was required to support their application.”


Changes include clarifying application requirements, some enhancements to eligible expenses, improved clarity for ineligible expenses, removing obsolete and redundant content, and changes to application timeframes.


Performing Arts Tour Support Grant applicants can now apply with as few as 14 days remaining before their first date; previously 30 days’ notice was required.  Market Travel & Culture on the Go Grant now allows up to 10% of the total grant provided can be used to pay for marketing and promotional costs. Sound Recording Grant now makes manufacturing of unlimited number of units in any format, for both sales and promotional use, an eligible expense; previously only a limited number of CD’s for promotional use was eligible.


Four grant programs (Creative Industries Production, Market & Export, Business Capacity, and Research) that previously processed applications three times each year will now do so twice each year. Applications are now being accepted until June 27, 2016 with results delivered in late-August. All other grants continue to accept applications on an ongoing basis with processing times of approximately 4 to 6 weeks.


Program guidelines were updated for the Business Capacity Grant, the Creative Industries Production Grant, the Market and Export Development Grant, the Market Travel Grant and Culture on the Go, the Performing Arts Tour Support Grant, the Research Grant, and the Sound Recording Grant. Work is still underway on the Content Development and Production Grants for Screen-based Media. 


Applicants are encouraged to visit creativesask.ca for more details, and to learn about additional improvements to grant programs as they become available.


For more information, contact:

Craig Lederhouse

Communications and Social Media Manager

Creative Saskatchewan





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