04 Aug 2015

Increase Access to Funding

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Regina, Saskatchewan

August 4, 2015


Increased Access to Funding

Creative Saskatchewan is excited to announce increased funding flexibility for grant applicants.


Regulation changes enable the agency to commit funding up to $600,000 per applicant each year. This is an increase over the previous threshold of $250,000 per applicant per year. These changes are the result of ongoing consultations with the creative industries to ensure programming meets their needs.


The threshold increase applies to all creative industry funding applicants, including the creative industry associations who receive operational and programming support from Creative Saskatchewan. Creative Saskatchewan has measures in place to ensure equitable distribution of funds across all supported creative industries.


Another regulation change removes third party funds administered by Creative Saskatchewan from the funding threshold. Meaning, funds received from third party organizations, such as the SaskTel Max Equity Fund and the Rogers Digital Development Fund, no longer count towards an applicant’s funding threshold.


“We are pleased with these regulation changes,” says JP Ellson, CEO of Creative Saskatchewan. “They provide us with increased flexibility when funding our industry associations and larger program applicants.”


Support over and above the threshold may still be requested and will continue to be subject to Cabinet approval, as is standard procedure for funding programs to ensure appropriate spending of tax dollars. 


Information about Creative Saskatchewan’s grant programs and application processes can be found at creativesask.ca­




Investing in the commercial viability of Saskatchewan’s creative industries.



Mike MacNaughton, Chair

Creative Saskatchewan




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