20 Oct 2014

Saskatchewan in London

In October, 2014, a team comprised of Creative Saskatchewan staff and industry association representatives took Saskatchewan to London.

The trade mission was intended to introduce the London arts scene to a snapshot of Saskatchewan's amazing creative talents. In addition to team members meeting with local creative organizations and arts agencies, the week-long venture included an art exhibition, musical performances, and film screenings.



A pop-up art exhibition curated by world-renowned Saskatchewan artist, Adrian Stimson. The exhibition, aptly titled 'Saskatchewan' is a sampling of Saskatchewan artists and intended as a testament to the history of art in the province, and the continued investment in its creation and diversity.

"Like a river, this exhibition meanders its way through the land, through time and space, creating tributaries that speak to indigenous being; settler history; the metissage of peoples; the animal nations; the land; the living skies and the many stories that deposit themselves in the banks of our minds, hearts and imagination. ~ Adrian Stimson, curator

  • Mid set-up; team member unpacked and helped curator, Adrian Stimson, organize the exhibition in Blackall Studios.  

The exhibition and its launch drew many local art lovers; visitors were amazed by the diversity and talent developed in our small province.



Two gigs were organized to provide Londoners with a taste of Saskatchewan's musical talents. These gigs featured Saskatchewan acts The Pistolwhips and the Zachary Lucky Band alongside local London talent. Audiences included transplanted Saskatchewanians who loved the 'taste of home'.

Zachary Lucky playing at The Servants Jazz Quarters, London

The Pistolwhips Birthdays, Dalston, London.


Film Screenings

Both Big Muddy and WolfCop were screened to audiences from the local film industry.






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