04 Mar 2016

Moving Image's First Canadian Installation Is From Sask


“A girl with a giant cake goes to a place where all teeth ache.”

Thus begins the made-in-Saskatchewan film exhibit that has now become the first Canadian project ever invited to and installed at Moving Image New York. Moving Image is a prestigious annual viewing experience with the vitality of a fair while allowing moving image-based artworks to be appreciated on their own terms. 

Invited to Moving Image this year is Amalie Atkins’ Three Minute Miracle. At the heart of the Saskatoon artist’s installation is a 16mm film, shot in rural Saskatchewan. But, it’s not projected in the traditional, theatrical style. “Visitors watch the film in a large white tent,” explains Atkins. “The floor features crushed glass simulating snowfall. The effect is intended to evoke the Saskatchewan landscape.”

Atkins did not choose a career in multidisciplinary art to achieve commercial success. But recent developments have prompted her to begin to pursue that potential. “The MacKenzie Art Gallery purchased one of my pieces for its collection. Then the DC3 Gallery began to represent me commercially,” Atkins said. “Moving Image draws curators from all across North America. It represents a real opportunity for me to connect with institutions and individuals who have an interest in purchasing what I create.”

“Creative Saskatchewan exists to offer financial support to creative producers who find themselves in precisely this kind of position,” explains Susan Gorges, Interim CEO of Creative Saskatchewan. “In this case, an artist can participate in a remarkable commercial opportunity in New York, because our Market Travel Grant helps cover the costs of travel. We couldn’t be more excited for Amalie, and for her future success,” said Gorges.

Atkins plans to make the most of the financial support from Creative Saskatchewan. “It’s not often you get an opportunity to show a large installation in another country,” said Atkins. “The grant allows me to travel to New York, and attend the opening. I’ve arranged appointments to make business connections I’m sure will serve me well in the future.”



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