24 Nov 2015

New Feature Film to Shoot in Saskatchewan




Creative Saskatchewan is proud to announce a new made-in-Saskatchewan feature film will begin production this winter. Land of Rock and Gold will shoot, on location, in La Ronge. Co-producers Janine Windolph, originally from La Ronge, and Daniel Redenbach successfully applied to Creative Saskatchewan’s Screen Based Media Production grant to make the production a reality.


“There is so much good news to share when it comes to how this production came to life,” said Redenbach. “From the funding formula including Creative Saskatchewan plus Telefilm’s micro budget program, to the use of a non-actor cast, to the unique setting and season, Land of Rock and Gold is a production like none other.”


“Creative Saskatchewan is excited to support Land of Rock and Gold’s community-based production model,” said JP Ellson, CEO of Creative Saskatchewan. “The producers’ goal of ensuring the local community is engaged in this film production is a great and unique initiative.”


Land of Rock and Gold is described as a missing persons mystery about a young mother and son, who turn to the community to find a man who has gone missing from their lives. Just as the characters on the screen will “turn to the community,” so, too, have the producers throughout the pre-production phase. “My goal is to make a creative impact on the land,” said Windolph. “Amongst many other discussions, I’ve met with the Chief and Council of Lac La Ronge to ensure that the community has the opportunity to participate in this organic production at every level,” said Windolph. 


The “organic” nature of this production means, in part, that many of the roles on screen will be played by non-actors. “That’s something many filmmakers would shy away from,” said Redenbach. “But, Janine is not your typical filmmaker. Her special touch with the community builds the trust required to reveal untapped talent.” Other elements of this unique “organic” production include careful consideration of long-term effects of the production on the community and close collaboration between residents and producers to ensure that the community receives measurable benefits. 


Shooting a feature film in La Ronge, in winter, will be a significant challenge, but was a critical setting and season to both producers. “We want to tell a unique Saskatchewan story,” said Redenbach. “Depicting the brutal winters that shape our lives is one way to achieve that, since they are so seldom seen on film.” 


To Windolph, shooting a feature film in her hometown offers a compelling opportunity. “It’s all about planting seeds,” she said. “I consider it my responsibility to share knowledge, and to never stop learning myself. When I make movies, lead workshops, or build community consensus, I’m working to create a ripple effect. If I empower a new storyteller to be heard, then I’ve succeeded,” said Windolph.


For more information about Land of Rock and Gold, follow the production on Facebook facebook.com/rockandgoldfilm or on Twitter @rockandgoldfilm 


For more information about Creative Saskatchewan’s Screen-Based Media Production Grant, please visit: http://www.creativesask.ca/pages/screenbased-media-production-grant.html.




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Craig Lederhouse, Communications Manager     
Creative Saskatchewan    



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