05 Jul 2016

New Stream for Service Productions




Creative Saskatchewan is pleased to announce that service productions are now eligible to apply to the Screen-Based Media Production Grant program.


Producers based outside the province who retain full copyright of their production are now eligible to apply for the Screen-Based Media Production Grant. Successful applicants to the new service production stream will receive a financial incentive valued at 25% of the production spend in Saskatchewan.


The new service production incentive better aligns Saskatchewan’s screen-based production grant with programs offered in other jurisdictions.


“I am pleased to see Creative Saskatchewan continues to engage with industry,” said Mark Docherty, Minister of Parks, Culture and Sport.  “We look forward to what the new service production guidelines bring to the province.”


“Service productions are an additional component of the film industry,” said Greg Magirescu, CEO of Creative Saskatchewan. “Our new service production incentive allows us to explore new opportunities with producers across North America and around the world, who are considering Saskatchewan as their production location.”


Local producers who hold part or full copyright to a project will still have access to the current incentive available to screen-based media production projects worth 30% of what their production spends in Saskatchewan.


Since inception, Creative Saskatchewan has invested more than $5 million in the province’s film and television industry through its Screen-Based Media Production Grant.


More details of Creative Saskatchewan’s new service production stream within the Screen-Based Media Production Grant will be made available soon.


For more information please visit www.creativesask.ca






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