08 Aug 2016

Screen-Based Media Sector Oversubscribed

Creative Saskatchewan is announcing today that its screen-based media sector grants and programs are officially oversubscribed for fiscal year 2016-17.


$3.25 million has now been fully committed to screen-based media production and development in Saskatchewan. This is the first time since inception that any of Creative Saskatchewan’s six creative sectors has been oversubscribed. The speed with which the $3.25 million was invested in film and television production this year reveals the confidence producers have in Saskatchewan’s film industry and their enthusiasm for Creative Saskatchewan’s grants and programs.


It is estimated that more than $10 million will be spent in Saskatchewan by film and television productions this year.


Applications to the Screen-Based Media Production Grant are assessed on a first-come first-served basis. Applications that meet or exceed the agency’s commercial viability criteria are approved. Screen-based media producers who wish to access Creative Saskatchewan’s programs and grants will be invited to apply in the next fiscal year beginning in April, 2017.


For more details on the screen-based media productions Creative Saskatchewan has invested in, keep an eye on this blog and join us on social media.






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