06 Oct 2016

Welcome Sask Theatre Professionals Assoc.

For immediate release
Regina, Saskatchewan
Oct 6, 2016




Creative Saskatchewan is pleased to announce a new agreement with the Saskatchewan Association of Theatre Professionals (SATP). The agreement provides the SATP with financial support for operations, and allows the organization to apply to Creative Saskatchewan’s grant programs. The SATP is now the seventh Industry Association (IA) that receives operational support from the agency.


“Our partnerships with creative industry associations give our agency insight into what’s truly happening on the ground in each creative sector,” said Greg Magirescu, CEO of Creative Saskatchewan. “We’re excited about our new relationship with SATP. It will ensure our grants and programs are tuned to what their talented members need to pursue and achieve commercial success.”


Live performing arts projects are an important part of Saskatchewan’s creative landscape. Funding allocated to the SATP allows for greater development and knowledge of the live performing arts sector in Saskatchewan.


“Becoming an official partner of Creative Saskatchewan means a lot to professional theatre artists across this province who are some of Saskatchewan’s most innovative and expressive storytellers,” said SATP Chair, Alan Long. “This funding will allow us to explore more opportunities with all professional live performing artists to collaborate and create multi-disciplinary art worthy of national dissemination. Live performing arts contribute almost $2 billion annually to the Canadian economy, and we look forward to creating more of that economic activity in Saskatchewan.” 


For more information on the Saskatchewan Association of Theatre Professionals, please visit: sasktheatreprofessionals.ca


For more information on the seven creative industry associations supported by Creative Saskatchewan, please visit: creativesask.ca/pages/our-industry-associations.html





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