About Creative Saskatchewan

Creative Saskatchewan is a provincial crown agency serving the people of Saskatchewan through work with the creative industries of the province.

Creative Saskatchewan is responsible for six creative industry sectors:

  • Music 
  • Screen based media
  • Visual arts and fine craft
  • Book publishing
  • Live performing arts
  • Digital media


Creative Saskatchewan stimulates the commercialization of creative products and helps Saskatchewan’s creative talent find firmer footing in domestic and international markets. The agency accomplishes this through a suite of grants, mentoring opportunities, marketing activities, and strong partnerships with creative industry associations.



Creative Saskatchewan is a leader supporting collaboration, entrepreneurial capacity, innovation and convergence that maximizes leveraged resources, commercial success and market access for Saskatchewan's creative industries and producers.



We are driven to achieve a future where Saskatchewan's creative producers continue to realize diverse commercial opportunities in national, international and emerging markets which collectively grow thriving, sustainable creative industries.



As an organization we uphold the following values to support the interest of the creative community:

  • Trusted partnerships
  • Leadership
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Success
  • Integrity