Filming in Saskatchewan


Creative Saskatchewan provides financial support to all phases of project – development, production, and marketing.


The Screen-Based Content Development program is designed to augment other resources to undertake development of projects and bring productions to fruition. There are four streams of development:

  1. Pre-Development provides up to a maximum of $5,000 or 50% of the total development budget. This program is intended to support producers in developing a project sufficiently to present to broadcasters, distributors, and other financiers.
  2. First Draft supports the continuing development of projects that have secured development monies from a market relevant source (broadcaster, distributor or other funding agencies). Eligible applicants may apply for a maximum of $25,000 or 50% of the total development cash budget.
  3. Final Draft provides support to complete the development of eligible projects that have secured financing from a market relevant source. Applicants may apply for $15,000 or 50% of the total development cash budget.
  4. Slate Development allows eligible Saskatchewan applicants flexibility in developing two or more projects. The objectives are to leverage development financing from other agencies and develop properties with strong market potential. Applicants may apply for a total development slate of $40,000 or 75% of the total development cash budget.


The Screen-Based Media Production Grant provides financial support for 30% of all Saskatchewan expenditures to the film, television, and interactive digital media industries for production activities. At the time of submission, applications must demonstrate evidence of a commercial license agreement for television projects, and a third-party distribution agreement for feature films.
For projects with budgets over $1 million dollars, applicants must provide written evidence of a minimum of 70% confirmed production financing and 50% confirmed financing for projects with budgets less than $1 million dollars.
80% of the funding will be provided upon approval, but not before the first day of principal photography. The remaining 20% will be paid upon completion of the project.

Applicants interested in applying to the screen-based media production grant program are encouraged to contact Creative Saskatchewan and discuss their project with the program staff. Eligibility criteria for this program is posted on the website, and further application details can be found there as well.


Creative Saskatchewan provides financial support to individuals and businesses for market access and market development opportunities. This grant is flexible, in that it captures a range of activities related to the marketing and promotion of creative projects. Examples of eligible activities include (but are not limited to) working with a publicist, advertising, creation of promotional materials, creating a website, development and delivery of social media campaigns, festival entrance fees, etc. The application must be project specific, as expenses related to ongoing core operations are ineligible.
Successful applications are funded up to $600,000 or 50% of the approved budget.






Saskatchewan has numerous locations with the versatility to meet your needs: rural, urban and most everything in between, Saskatchewan has often doubled for the American Mid-West. Use Saskatchewan as your next production’s backdrop.

Please contact Creative Saskatchewan for location services.


The Sound Stage

Saskatchewan boasts 3 purpose-built production stages. Located within a 2,300 acre lakeside park, the facility offers 3 sound stages of varying sizes: 42 foot ceiling heights with fully furnished production offices and a complete array of support facilities including wardrobe, art department, hair and makeup, breakdown area, VIP dressing rooms, green rooms and lunch space.

For more information on the above and how filming in Saskatchewan can benefit your project contact Tobi Lampard at or 306-798-2002.