Industry Associations

Creative Saskatchewan works closely with our Industry Associations from each industry we represent. Partly funded by Creative Saskatchewan, each association works with it's respective membership to develop the skills and supports required to develop and strengthen their industry.



SaskBooks is the creative industry association that represents book publishers in Saskatchewan. Established in 1989 by the province's six publishers, the organisation now features a membership roster of approximately 40 active publishers who produce books in every genre and for every reading level, and in a multitude of languages including English, French, Michif, and many First Nations languages and dialects. SaskBooks serves its members through research and policy development, through professional development sessions, and through promotion and marketing programs.


Saskatchewan Craft Council

The Saskatchewan Craft Council (SCC) is a non-profit organisation representing professional craft artists, craft organisations, and patrons of fine craft in Saskatchewan. Its mandate is to promote excellence in craft.

In addition to providing leadership and training opportunities, the Craft Council conducts a jury process that serves as a certification of quality in 18 different craft media.



SaskGalleries (The Saskatchewan Professional Art Galleries Association) is a group of top Saskatchewan commercial art galleries who represent and sell the art of more than 500 artists. If you're buying from a SaskGalleries member you know you are dealing with a reputable art dealer who follows the highest ethical standards, is knowledgeable about the art they sell and who treats the artist fairly.



SaskMusic is a non-profit association that stimulates growth and development in the commercial music industry of the province of Saskatchewan, Canada through leadership, promotion, training, advocacy and partnership. SaskMusic offers an array of supports for artists including, but not limited to: career consultations, workshops, marketing, legal services, investment programs, artist listing, export assistance, and networking opportunities. SaskMusic's artists and music professionals hail from accross Saskatchewan, and produce music in every genre imaginable.


Saskatchewan Association of Theatre Professionals (SATP)

Saskatchewan Association of Theatre Professionals supports the development, creative practices, and production of Saskatchewan's theatre professionals. The SATP seeks to empower, connect, and respond to the organizations and individuals that make up our community. We not only represent professional theatre organizations, but individuals as well.  We welcome and encourage membership from actors, directors, designers, artistic associates, playwrights, administrative staff, producers, technicians, stage managers, and other live performance professionals.



Saskatchewan Interactive Media Association Inc. represents the creative professionals in Saskatchewan who work in all aspects of the interactive digital media industry. We are web designers, developers, programmers, digital storytellers, graphic designers, game developers, app developers, advertisers and other digital interactive and web-related professionals.
As that professional voice, SaskInteractive represents members involved in the development of content-based interactive digital media, as well as consumers and stakeholders. The Association acts on behalf of its members to represent their views to government, industry, the news media, and to the general public.



SMPIA (Saskatchewan Media Production Industry Association) is a member-based non-profit organisation that is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. Established in 1985, SMPIA acts as an advocate for all personnel related to the making and exhibiting of media production, from beginners to professionals. SMPIA's job is to be a catalyst for change, to facilitate interaction between people working in these media, and to help create an environment that provides opportunities for the production, promotion and appreciation of media production in Saskatchewan.