Saskatchewan Double-Bill Makes World Premeire

Dec 4th, 2015

It’s an exciting week for the Saskatchewan film making industry. Two Saskatchewan feature films made world premieres at the Whistler Film Festival on Thursday night. Basic Human Needs and The Sabbatical.

Basic Human Needs tells the story of two post-adolescents who claim to have the wanderlust to move from Saskatchewan to the big city while doing nothing proactive to get there – then, suddenly, adulthood is thrust upon them.

The Sabbatical explores what its like for a photographer and university professor to discover, during a year off, that he’s not the hot shot he once was. Then along comes the young artist who turns his world upside down.

Buzz for the “Saskatchewan double-bill” began before the film festival began. Both films were named as “top picks” by The reviews make particular note of Laura Abramsen, touting her as the "It Girl" discovery of WFF 2015. Of her role in Basic Human Needs the critic notes, “[she brings] so much charm and charisma, not to mention originality, as the worried girlfriend who has a lot on her plate.”

Remarkably, Abramsen stars in both Basic Human Needs and The Sabbatical.

Creative Saskatchewan is proud to have provided financial support to both films through its market and export development grant, intended to allow The Sabbatical and Basic Human Needs to reach new audiences -- in this case, by securing placement at a high profile film festival.

Congratulations to cast and crew of both feature films. Creative Saskatchewan wishes you the best at the box office.

Saskatchewan Double-Bill Makes World Premeire