The Feature Film Production Grant invests in feature film projects with commercial intent that shoot in Saskatchewan and/or employ Saskatchewan-based crew during production and post-production.


  • Our financial investment is based on the amount of money the production spends in Saskatchewan and on Saskatchewan crew as per our Eligible Saskatchewan-Spend Expenses Policy.

  • Our investment is either 25% or 30% of those eligible Saskatchewan expenditures, dependent on the level of Saskatchewan-based ownership of the project (see the Official Grant Guidelines for complete details), to a maximum of $600,000 per project.

  • A maximum total of $2M is available for all applicants to the Feature Film and TV Production Grants combined each fiscal year. The grants are closed when total funds are exhausted.


  • Grant recipients will be required to provide a COVID Safety Plan for their production. 

  • The COVID Safety Plan must describe how the production will respect and implement the Saskatchewan On-Set COVID-19 Safety Protocols as developed by the Saskatchewan Media Production Industry Association.

  • The COVID Safety Plan is not required at the time of application. It must be submitted to Creative Saskatchewan before the first day of principal photography.


  • Priority is given to applications where the majority of principal photography is taking place in Saskatchewan. 

  • Applications for such projects are processed on a first-come first-served basis.

  • Applications for projects with the majority of principal photography taking place outside Saskatchewan will be wait listed until Jan 31, 2022.


  • All applicants must read the Official Grant Guidelines . The official guidelines supercede all information contained elsewhere on this website, delivered to applicants by Program Officers, or otherwise made publicly available.
  • All applicants must read the General Program Guidelines , which contains important details that apply to all Creative Saskatchewan grants.


  • 80% of the approved funds are provided to successful applicants on the first day of principal photography of the project.
  • The remaining 20%, or a smaller amount based on an audit of actual Saskatchewan expenditures, will be provided after the submission, review and approval of a final report from the producer.
  • Completed projects with budgets under $250k are required to provide a cost declaration as part of the final report.
  • For projects with a budget that totals $250,000 or greater but less than $500,000, Creative Saskatchewan requires a Final Certified Activity Cost Statements accompanied by an Independent Public Accountant’s Review Engagement Report.
  • Completed projects with budgets over $500k are required to deliver audited financials as part of the final report.


Applications for productions in which the majority of principal photography takes place in Saskatchewan can expect to receive results within 4 to 6 weeks from application acceptance date. Results will be delivered via e-mail and will be available in GMS. Applications for productions in which the majority of principal photography takes place outside Saskatchewan will be waitlisted until Jan. 31, 2022. These applications will be processed at that time, if funds remain available.

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