• GMS is an online system that allows you to apply for any Creative Saskatchewan grant.

  • If you can't find a grant in GMS, it may be closed. Check the grant webpage for opening dates. 

  • First time GMS users will be required to create a profile.

    • You may create your GMS profile at any time, even before your grant opens.

    • Your profile will remain active for all future applications.

  • As you prepare your application on GMS, save it regularly! If you timeout of GMS because of inactivity, your application progress could be lost.

  • GMS is not designed for use with mobile devices. Please access GMS using a desktop or laptop computer.

What is GMS?

GMS allows you to apply for our grants through an online application management portal.
You'll be able to create a profile, making any future applications simpler.
You can closely monitor the progress of any application through its life cycle.
All the application documents you need will be found inside the GMS system.

What is my GMS Profile, and why must I have one?

Your GMS profile allows you to upload frequently used details, so that they are easily accessed for future grant applications. The information you provide in your profile also allows us to verify your identity and your program eligibility.

How will I learn the results of my GMS application?

You will be notified of results via e-mail. You can also see the current status of your application in GMS.

Where can I find the "Templates and Additional Materials" that GMS is asking me to use?

When using GMS, you'll be told to access certain documents in the "Templates and Additional Materials" section. You'll find the link to that section in the top right corner of most GMS webpages. Here's what it looks like: If you can not see the "Templates & Additional Materials" link, you must first create an account.

How can I make changes to my application after I submit it on GMS?

After submitting an application on GMS, edits and additions can only be made at the discretion of a Program Officer. If you feel you need to edit your application after submission, make your request via

The website says all the forms I need to apply are available on GMS, but I can't find them. Where are they?

Before you can access application documents within GMS, you must first create your account.

How do I use the same email address for more than one profile?

To activate this feature, create your GMS profile for your first organization as per usual. At this point, you will not be able to use your e-mail address to create any more profiles. Contact us at for assistance in creating and attaching additional profiles to your e-mail address.

I received a grant before GMS was active. How do I submit my final report?

Please contact a Program Officer to obtain the required final report templates.

Why can't I find the grant I want to apply for in GMS?

If you can't find the grant you want to apply for in GMS, it is very likely closed. Visit the grant webpage for details about opening and closing dates.

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