Recipients of Creative Saskatchewan financial support are required to publicly acknowledge the support they receive.

The first and best choice is to display our logo. 

The Creative Saskatchewan logo must appear:  

  • in books receiving support from the Creative Industries Production grant; copyright notice page. 

  • on CD / album / cassettes receiving support from the Sound Recording Grant; back cover.

  • on DVDs receiving support from the Screen-Based Media Production or Development Grants; back cover.

  • in films, TV shows, and music videos receiving support from the Screen-Based Media Production Grant; credits.

  • on websites developed with support from the Market and Export Development Grant; bottom of home page.

  • on all advertising and promotional material connected to any project receiving Creative Saskatchewan financial support.

  • on signage at an event, exhibit or performance supported by Creative Saskatchewan.

In addition to displaying our logo, there are other ways to recognize Creative Saskatchewan support:

  • mention the support you received from Creative Saskatchewan in media interviews about your project.

  • thank Creative Saskatchewan in award acceptance speeches.

  • tag Creative Saskatchewan in an acknowledgement message on social media by including our username (@CreativeSask on Twitter, @Creative Saskatchewan on Facebook).

  • invite your MLA to the event and, if appropriate, offer your MLA the opportunity to deliver remarks.

  • send Creative Saskatchewan photos of your project so we can express our pride in, and our support of, your success; e-mail photos to Creative Saskatchewan Communications.


Contact Creative Saskatchewan Communications


  • The Creative Saskatchewan logo must be displayed at a size that is relative to the context in which it is being used.

  • When displayed with other logos, the size of the Creative Saskatchewan logo must reflect the relative level of our support.

  • The proportions of the logo must remain locked.

  • The logo must not be displayed smaller than 3cm wide in print, or 200 pixels wide online, without permission of Creative Saskatchewan Communications.

  • The minimum resolution for print is 300 dpi. For online use the minimum resolution is 72 dpi.

  • Creative Saskatchewan's logo must be displayed as either black or white. The agency's brand colours can be applied as a background to the logo where appropriate. Colour logos are available below. Creative Saskatchewan brand colors are:


HEX: #082F5F

R122 G85 B11


HEX #7A550B

R122 G85 B11


Asset 6.png
Asset 5.png
Asset 4.png