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The Music Video Production grant connects Saskatchewan musicians with Saskatchewan filmmakers to create a music video for an upcoming release of a new single. Songs have been selected. Now we’re looking for filmmakers to create the music videos.

What the grant covers
The grant covers up to 100% of production costs, to a maximum of $7,500. The musicians maintain ownership of the finished product. The grant is being trialed this year for its economic impact and effect on the careers of the recipients.

How it works

If you are a filmmaker interested in applying:

  1. Email investment@creativesask.ca to request access to the selected songs before submitting your application. 

  2. Choose any of the selected songs before January 18, 2022.

  3. Think of how you’d approach the creative treatment for the music video for the song of your choice.

  4. Fill out your application, including your creative treatment and other information, via the application form that will be posted on this page. 

  5. Submit your application by 4:00 PM JANUARY 18, 2022.

Selected songs

Filmmakers can submit as many applications as they like for the selected songs by January 18, 2022. Email investment@creativesask.ca to request access to the selected songs. 

Important deadlines

Musician application deadline – CLOSED

Songs available to registered filmmakers: December 20, 2021 to January 18, 2022

Filmmaker application window: Opens January 5, 2022, closes January 18, 2022

Filmmaker grant recipients announced: Late February 2022

Music Video Premieres: October 2022


  • This grant is a collaborative program, connecting Saskatchewan musicians with Saskatchewan's emerging filmmakers.

  • Filmmakers receive an investment to cover up to 100% of production costs, to a maximum of $7,500, for a music video intended to promote an upcoming single.

  • Filmmakers receive opportunities to manage a music video production, work with clients/service providers to achieve a collaborative vision, professional development sessions, and mentorship throughout the process.

  • Musicians and filmmakers each secure a completed music video to add to their professional portfolio, however the musicians will maintain ownership of the finished project.


  • Applications will be accepted in two steps:​

    • Step One: Musician Application - CLOSED

      • Our jury has selected songs that have moved into phase two

    • Step Two: Filmmaker Application

      • Filmmakers may submit as many applications as they like, which must include a creative treatment, to produce a music video for any song(s) of their choice via the form posted to this webpage on January 5, 2022.

      • OPENS: JANUARY 5, 2022


      • A jury, with input from the musicians, will select the successful projects to move into production.


  • Production budgets must not exceed $7,500.00

  • Musicians have the rights to record and distribute the submitted song.

  • All phases of production (pre-production, production, post-production) must take place within Saskatchewan, and be undertaken by Saskatchewan residents.

  • Projects that have previously received funding from Creative Saskatchewan, and covers of previously recorded and released material, are not eligible.

  • Complete eligibility requirements are listed in the Official Grant Guidelines.



  • Grant recipients will be required to provide a COVID Safety Plan for their production. 

  • The COVID Safety Plan must describe how the production will respect and implement the Saskatchewan On-Set COVID-19 Safety Protocols as developed by the Saskatchewan Media Production Industry Association.

  • The COVID Safety Plan is not required at the time of application. It must be submitted to Creative Saskatchewan before the first day of principal photography.

video workshop

Ramp-up your pro skills.

Visit our Applicant Resources page for other previously recorded Grant Writing and Professional Development workshops.

bigger budgets

Music video budget is bigger than $7,500?

The Market and Export Development Grant is available to musicians seeking music video production funding in excess of $7,500.


Rent world-class production space. 

The Soundstage in Regina is purpose-built to accommodate productions of any size. Consider renting it - at a speical rate - for your music video. 


Go ahead. Tell us what you think.

If you've got some advice for us about how this grant could be improved, we're looking forward to hearing from you. 


  • All applicants must read the Official Grant Guidelines. The official guidelines supercede all information contained elsewhere on this website, delivered to applicants by Program Officers, or otherwise made publicly available.
  • All applicants must read the General Program Guidelines, which contains important details that apply to all Creative Saskatchewan grants


Watch a recording of the Music Video Production Lunchroom Series Webinar here. Not sure if the Music Video Production Grant or the Market & Export Development Grant is the best fit for your project? Check out this comparison chart of the two programs here.


  • When you're approved, 80% of the funds you've been awarded will be delivered when you sign the letter of agreement.
  • The remaining 20% of the funds are delivered after the project is complete, and we've approved your final report.
  • You'll need to update your program officer with any changes you might need to make to your project.
  • You'll be required to acknowledge Creative Saskatchewan's support. Here's how.


As explained in the General Program Guidelines your application will be assessed by specific criteria in three categories

  • Relevance
  • Impact
  • Experience & Capacity
Click here for the assessment criteria specific to Musicians for the Music Video Production Grant . Click here for the assessment criteria specific to Filmakers for the Music Video Production Grant . You'll be asked these questions as part of the online application process. Listed beside each criteria is the maximum number of points available as each application is scored. Applicants may wish to pay particular attention to criteria with the highest number of points available.


Applicants can expect to receive results within 10 weeks from Step Two deadline date.
Results will be delivered via e-mail, and will be available in GMS.

Filmmaker Application Form

This is a website form that cannot be saved. If you’d like to work on this application later, we suggest creating a separate document to save your answers in until you’re ready to submit your application.



Which song are you applying to make a music video for? Please select from the menu below.


NOTE: Filmmakers who have received a "Director" or "Producer" credit on any commercially broadcast projects are ineligible to apply. (This does not include broadcast commercials, PSAs, or community programming.)

NOTE: Projects must be written, directed, and produced by eligible Saskatchewan residents.

NOTE: The upload fields do not change to indicate a document has been uploaded. If a document is missing from your application, Creative Saskatchewan staff will contact you.

Upload Producer Bio
Upload Director Bio


Submit a creative treatment (limited to 2 pages) for the song you would like to produce a music video for. Include rationale for why you selected this song and what your inspiration for the video is. You may also include a concept board if you wish (optional).

Upload Creative Treatment


I declare that if selected to produce this video, I can complete the video production with six months of application approval. (If approved, filmmaker will be required to provide a Production Schedule for all phases of production: Pre-Production, Production and Post-Production)


I declare that if selected to produce this video, I will ensure that all phases of production (Pre-Production, Production and Post-Production) will take place within Saskatchewan.


I declare that the Creative Treatment submitted is based on a total production budget of no more than $7,500.00. If approved, I will submit a budget (which I must adhere to) that does not exceed $7,500.00 or include in-kind/donated services, Director/Producer fees in excess of 15%, or capital expenditures. Project financing must be used to cover direct expenses related to the production and post-production of the project.


I am applying as a:


NOTE: The applicant must be the cheque recipient, who will receive a T4A for any amount received over $500.


I declare that if applying as an Individual for this program, I am Saskatchewan Resident.

I declare that if applying as a Business (Corporation, Non-Profit or Collective) for this program, the Business is at least 51% owned by Saskatchewan resident(s). I can provide evidence (Members' Proof of Residence, Notice of Assessment, Shareholder Structure Documentation, ISC Profile Report, etc.) if requested to support my application.



This application has been prepared by company staff or a third-party who is not the applicant. 


I declare that, to the best of my knowledge, the information contained herein is true and complete.


Your application has been submitted.