our mission

To play a leadership role...

supporting collaboration, entrepreneurial capacity, innovation and convergence that maximizes leveraged resources, commercial success and market access for Saskatchewan's creative industries and producers.

our vision

We are driven to achieve...

a future where Saskatchewan's creative producers continue to realize diverse commercial opportunities in national, international and emerging markets which collectively grow thriving, sustainable creative industries. 

our values

We uphold the following values...

to support the interest of the creative community:

  • Trusted partnerships

  • Leadership

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Success

  • Integrity


Karen Jarowicz

Program Officer

(306) 798-9038


Lisa Prpich

Program Officer

(306) 798-9035


Andrea Martineau

Program Officer

(306) 798-1291


Karen, Lisa, and Andrea are Program Officers for Creative Saskatchewan.

They help navigate our clients through the application process for our grants and programs, from the pre-application stage to final reporting.

We welcome one-on-one consultations over the phone, via email, or video call!


Tobi Lampard

Program Manager

(306) 798-2002


Tobi leads Creative Saskatchewan’s program team and is the primary liaison for film and television production.

Marie Stewart

Director of Finance and Administration

(306) 798-4715


Marie leads Creative Saskatchewan’s finance and administration team and is responsible for managing human resources.

Remi Dufour

Director of Film Finance and Economic Reporting

(306) 798-9800


Remi leads Creative Saskatchewan’s finances for film and television production and is responsible for preparing economic reports on the industry.

Allie Tosczak

Finance Coordinator

(306) 798-2190


Allie is the main point of contact for accounts payable and receivable for Creative Saskatchewan.

Megan Jane

Manager of Marketing and Communications

(306) 798-2191


Megan is responsible for all external facing communications and marketing initiatives undertaken by Creative Saskatchewan.

Stephanie Proulx

Soundstage and Locations Coordinator

(306) 798-7980


Stephanie provides administrative support to producers seeking to film in Saskatchewan.

Erin Dean

Chief Executive Officer

(306) 798-9800


Erin is responsible for the overall operation of Creative Saskatchewan, by providing strategic leadership and working closely with the provincial government, industry stakeholders, the Board of Directors, and the senior management team.


The Board of Directors consists of no more than 11 Directors, appointed by the Minister of Parks, Culture & Sport. The Board has the statutory power and obligation as granted by The Creative Saskatchewan Act and The Creative Saskatchewan Regulations.

Five of the Board members are selected by the Minister from a list of potential nominees assembled by the Nominations Committee of Creative Saskatchewan. 

The Board is responsible for:

  • Creating and supporting the vision and strategic direction for Creative Saskatchewan;

  • Overseeing the organization’s finances and property;

  • Managing risk, including legal, financial and reputational;

  • Employing and evaluating the CEO’s performance; and

  • Overseeing the committees of the Board.