A Thousand Grants and Counting

Creative Saskatchewan is proud to announce it has recently made its 1000th grant commitment!

Since 2013, Creative Saskatchewan's grant programs have been supporting creative commercial success across six creative sectors. The investments we've made in Saskatchewan's creative entrepreneurs have helped them reach remarkable goals.

Over the past 4 years, Creative Saskatchewan has proudly invested in:

  • book publishers, to print titles that have received widespread acclaim and landed on bestseller lists

  • screen-based media producers, to develop, create, promote, and sell TV shows and feature films that have been seen on screens across the country and around the world

  • musicians, to win international recognition, selling tickets and streaming songs to millions of listeners

  • artists, artisans, and craftspeople, to create works of art & fine craft, develop new techniques, and refine entrepreneurial skills

  • galleries, to reach new markets and sell more Saskatchewan-made art

  • interactive digital entrepreneurs and developers, to design innovative VR technology, and sell their apps

  • theatre companies, to market their shows, enhance their websites and sell more tickets

As that short list begins to reveal, the variety of investments Creative Saskatchewan has made has been astounding.

However, there is something all one thousand grants have had in common.

Each and every grant required that the creative producer who received it first invested in themselves.

That's why, as Creative Saskatchewan celebrates its one thousand grant milestone, we acknowledge the courage and skill of every musician, artisan, filmmaker, publisher, performer, producer, artist, gallerist, developer, and craftsperson who set out to pursue commercial success.

They invested in themselves, which gave us the privilege to invest in them.

Here's to the next thousand investments.

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