Creative Sask celebrates massive increased investment to its Film & Television Production Program

Updated: Apr 21


Regina, Saskatchewan

March 23, 2022

Creative Saskatchewan celebrates massive increased investment to its Film and Television Production Program

Saskatchewan’s creative sector is celebrating a colossal opportunity for the film and television industry today, as the Government of Saskatchewan announced an increase from $2M to $10M into Creative Saskatchewan’s production program in the provincial budget.

The demand for entertainment, streaming, and creative content has never been higher. With this increased support to local digital media production via the production program, Saskatchewan stands poised to quench the thirst for content, and support Saskatchewan’s growth by reaping the economic benefits from its ripple effect.

“We applaud the Government for this investment,” says Erin Dean, CEO of Creative Saskatchewan. “Productions are a multi-faceted endeavor, built around labour with the potential to create hundreds of new jobs, ranging from cinematographers, assistant directors, electricians, carpenters, sound engineers, composers, editors, and more. This goes beyond contributing to Saskatchewan’s economic recovery, it’s truly improving the livelihoods of Saskatchewan residents.”

There are many spin-off benefits to the investment, which will attract more and larger projects to the province.

“The program supports hiring local labour and incentivizes expenditures within Saskatchewan businesses, and not just in urban centres.” says Jason Zhao, Creative Saskatchewan Chair. “Productions result in a significant injection of revenue to our hospitality and tourism sectors, as well as other goods and services; hotel accommodations, restaurants, vehicle and equipment rentals, the list goes on.”

With an increase in productions, Saskatchewan can tap into the millions of dollars available through federal funding agencies and tax incentives and help make Saskatchewan an attractive place to conduct business.

“The program encourages the development of co-productions with national and international partners, which generally have larger budgets, resulting in higher spends and job creation,” Dean explains. “We expect a very busy 2022-23.”

Only 30% of the total Saskatchewan spend is covered by the grant, meaning other investments will make up the additional 70% spent in Saskatchewan. Bottom line – this investment will have ripple effects on the economy for years to come. The next generation of students seeking to pursue a career in the film industry can climb the ladder right here on Saskatchewan soil. It’s too soon to tell just how far the ripples will reach – but MNP LLP and Globalnomics estimate that a $10M investment will lead to $33.3M in film and television, over 600 new jobs created, and a total economic output of $62M.


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