Creative Sask releases 2022-23 grant program dates & details for local creative entrepreneurs

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Regina, Saskatchewan May 2, 2022 Creative Saskatchewan releases 2022-23 grant program dates and details for local creative entrepreneurs: Film and Television Production Programs re-vamped with increased investment Creative Saskatchewan has announced the dates and details of their programming in support of creative entrepreneurs looking to unlock their potential and make their mark on Saskatchewan’s economy. Guidelines and application dates for the year, can be found on the website: Investments are available for the following projects: book publishing, craft and visual arts production, digital game development, live performing arts production, sound recording, music video production, and film and television production and development. Programming is also available for tour support, market travel, market and export development, business capacity, and research. “Preparing to launch these programs is our busiest but most exciting time of year,” explains Erin Dean, Creative Saskatchewan’s CEO, “it’s a lot of behind-the-scenes work, but it’s a great feeling knowing that our investments mobilize creative entrepreneurs’ ability to achieve commercial prosperity. Saskatchewan benefits from that as much as they do.” Of particular interest this year will be the Film and Television Production Grant. This program received an $8M increase in funding from the Government of Saskatchewan and the program now includes several incentive bonuses. The base incentive is either 25% or 30% of eligible Saskatchewan expenditures (dependent on the level of Saskatchewan-based ownership of the project). Applicants may be eligible for additional bonuses including a 10% frequent filming bonus for producing three or more projects in the year, a 5% rural bonus for production 50 KM outside of Regina or Saskatoon, and a 5% Saskatchewan post-production bonus. To help prepare the industry workforce, Creative Saskatchewan has partnered with the National Screen Institute and SMPIA to custom-design a specialized training program targeted towards film and television production crews. The training program is accepting applications now: “We’ve made some significant changes to these programs to make Saskatchewan an attractive location to produce feature films and television shows,” says Dean, “we’re taking a measured approach to grow this industry, and we anticipate the ripple effects of this to be felt in other industries across Saskatchewan as time goes on. After all, film production requires a plethora of skills and services, from rentals, accommodations, catering, skilled trades, the list goes on.” Other areas of programming areas with changes include book publishing (split into author-funded and book publishers’ streams of funding), and digital game development (now a grant). -30-

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Creative Saskatchewan is the economic development agency for Saskatchewan’s creative industries. Creative Saskatchewan unlocks the potential of the creative industries and fuels the economic engine of homegrown talent, converting creativity into cashflow. The agency’s investments propel creative entrepreneurs as they create, perform, innovate, and export in their pursuit of commercial success.

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