Creative Saskatchewan Opens Newly Revised Publishing Production Grant


For Immediate Release

Regina, SK

April 15, 2019

After a year of extensive consultation with publishers, SaskBooks, and publishing industry stakeholders, Creative Saskatchewan is pleased to announce the re-opening of its significantly revised Book Publishing Production Grant.

Since the agency’s inception, Creative Saskatchewan’s Book Publishing Production Grant has committed $1.0 million to Saskatchewan’s publishers. The funds help publishers cover a portion of their production expenses for commercially viable books. Book production includes many expenses like printing, copyediting, page design, layout, illustrating, binding, and shipping.

The new version of the grant improves on last year’s program in several ways. The grant offers a more streamlined and predictable application process for publishers with long-standing track records of commercial success. Smaller and newer publishers now have separate criteria tailored for their operations, and authors who invest in the production costs of their own book are now eligible to apply.

“The revised grant is a result of extensive collaboration between Creative Saskatchewan and publishing sector stakeholders to ensure the unique needs of our province’s publishing entrepreneurs are met,” Minister of Parks, Culture and Sport Gene Makowsky said. “This grant program is even more closely aligned with the Government of Saskatchewan’s mandate to invest in creative entrepreneurship and to propel commercial success.”

“Every improvement made to this grant was inspired by months of analysis of Saskatchewan’s publishing sector,” said Greg Magirescu, CEO of Creative Saskatchewan. “That work was only made possible with the support of our partners at SaskBooks and publishing entrepreneurs from across the province. Thanks to this collaborative effort, our updated Book Publishing Production Grant is ready to propel the commercial success of our province’s book publishing sector.”

“Commercially viable books in Saskatchewan are published by entrepreneurs ranging from long-established publishing houses with dozens of titles, to smaller operations specializing in a handful of projects or specific themes, to independent authors who invest in the production costs of their own books,” said Brenda Niskala, Executive Director of SaskBooks. “We encouraged Creative Saskatchewan to fund as many of these pathways to publishing success as possible, and we greatly appreciate the time and effort from publishers and from the staff at Creative Saskatchewan in creating a Book Publishing Grant that aims to accomplish that goal.”

The Book Publishing Production Grant is now open to applicants.


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