Creative Saskatchewan’s Book Publishing Grants in Action: Radiant Press Celebrates Successful Titles

Updated: May 18

Did you know that Creative Saskatchewan has two streams of funding for Book Publishing Programs?

We do! The Author-Funded Stream and the Book Publishers’ Stream.

Radiant Press, a literary press in Regina, Saskatchewan, has accessed our Publishers’ program (and our Market and Export program!) several times over the years for both their print and audio books.

Radiant Press has been making strides in ensuring their books are accessible in

a variety of formats, as the first and only publisher in Saskatchewan to earn the “Global Certified Accessible” designation for their ePublications from Benetech – an acknowledged world leader in accessible reading.

In the last couple of years, Radiant Press has been able to offer audiobook versions of almost all their books. Most recently, they are celebrating the success of three titles...

Handwringers by Sarah Mintz

This collection of short stories revolves around Jewish identity and the

schlemiel -- a figure in Jewish folklore described as "one who handles a situation in the worst possible manner or is dogged by an ill luck that is more or less due to his own ineptness."

This short fiction novel made the “Long short list” for the 2022 ReLit Awards. It was also nominated for “First Book Award” and “Publisher of the Year” at the SaskBook Awards (winners to be announced at the end of June!)


Bodies in Trouble by Diane Carley

Forced intimacies, dead dogs, errant balloons, a troubled chef’s encounter with ethereal Swedish lesbians, all form this remarkable short story collection, Bodies in Trouble, depicting characters coping with faltering relationships, simmering violence, and light-drenched visions. Stories of damaged daughters and abandoned sons, of near-crashes, lost loves, and late nights steeped in regret. Lurking within these tales is the glimmer of hope from a brave choice, a bold action, the recalibration of a dangerous path.

This book was featured in Atlantic Books and will be launching on May 18 in partnership with the critically acclaimed Lisa Moore (author of Caught, February, Alligator, and many other popular Canadian favorites.) You can read an excerpt here.


Wreck by Kelly Jo Burke

Kelley Jo Burke embarks on a wild journey to understand many things, including the part where her grandfather sort of murdered her grandmother. Returning to a house filled with her first memories of childhood, she begins to explore the complex origins of her own anxiety. Along the way, she reflects on alienation and immigration, mental health and generational trauma, and the nature of memory itself. A memoir filled with raw honesty, comedy, tragedy, and grace.

Burke’s literary take on an “on‐the‐fly schooling in the thought patterns characteristic of diagnosed anxiety” was recently featured in The Malahat Review, one of Canada’s leading literary journals. You can read the full review here.


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