Online Gallery showcases SK art in an accessible way – proudly supported by Creative Saskatchewan

Grasslands Gallery Online offers a unique online gallery experience like no other, opened by Saskatchewan artist Laureen Marchand in 2021. Conceptualized from the needs of buyers and creators in the pandemic, Marchand sought an innovative way to showcase local artwork from a safe distance, “I decided this was an opportunity to bring together the work of Saskatchewan artists and the communities anywhere who would love the art they make.”

Marchand was the successful recipient of Creative Saskatchewan’s Market and Export Development – Micro Stream grant to get her website and social media up and running. The result is an amazing virtual gallery space where users can view exhibits, learn about artists, and even ‘sample’ artwork in virtual rooms. By dragging and dropping artworks across a screen in a virtual room, viewers can get a sense of scale and colour relationships with other objects, pair it with different frames, and feel confident in their purchase before buying.

Grasslands Gallery Online offers a new way to generate sales and broaden audiences for local artists, by reaching new viewers who might not have ever had the chance to visit that part of the province / world before. “I’ve got way more publicity and attention to my artwork than I did before, and sales I wouldn’t have had, so it’s definitely paid off to do this,” says Edie Marshall, one of the first artists to be featured on Marchand’s site.

Congratulations to Laureen Marchand and all of the artists involved!

Learn more about Grasslands Gallery Online by visiting their website or emailing