Groundbreaking VRevolution Launched with Support of Creative Saskatchewan

Creative Saskatchewan proudly invested in the Saskatchewan production activity of The Humanity Bureau VRevolution through its Screen-Based Media Production Grant.

The project officially launched this week.

Excerpts from the official news release are below.

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MARCH 6, 2018


The Humanity Bureau VRevolution, the VR companion piece to the Sci-Fi Action Theatrical Thriller, The Humanity Bureau, starring Nicolas Cage, launched today through OneTouchVR on Google Play, Google DayDream, Oculus Gear VR, Rift, iOS and coming soon on Steam and HTC VivePort.

Looking through the eyes of a futuristic government in a dystopian world of economic recession, this experience takes the user through alternative storylines that co-exist with the feature film, but can be viewed as standalone episodes. Facing a series of environmental problems and a community forced to take action in order to stay alive, the VR experience stars Nicolas Cage, Sarah Lind, Hugh Dillon, and Jakob Davies.

The experience is broken down into seven VR episodes (The Audit, Always Watching, Rogue Agent, Unproductive Citizens, On The Hunt, The Truth Revealed, and Land Of The Free), with an average run time of two minutes each. They showcase Nicolas Cage, a Humanity Bureau government caseworker who sets out to save the lives of a mother and child, and expose the truth about the bureau's secrets.

This experience transports the viewer into the world of The Humanity Bureau, immersing them in action, drama, and alternative storylines that co-exist with the feature film, but offer an entirely new way to experience cinematic storytelling. With The Humanity Bureau VRevolution, viewers will be able to experience a fully realized and standalone narrative in the exciting world of VR.

“We are thrilled to be breaking new ground in cinematic storytelling and giving the audience the opportunity to immerse themselves in our film. VR has the power to connect the audience to the narrative, characters and environments like no other medium. It’s a powerful new tool for filmmakers and we are excited to be at the forefront of this innovation,” said Kevin DeWalt, Producer, The Humanity Bureau.

“One of the key elements to truly immersive VR storytelling is the use of Ambisonic Audio. The team at Talking Dog was thrilled to bring its artistry and experience to this groundbreaking project. We worked closely with the production team to create an audio environment that surrounds the viewer and draws them to specific points of reference in the story,” said VR Producer, Rob Bryanton.

The Humanity Bureau VRevolution is based on the feature film written by Dave Schultz and Directed by Rob King. It is a stand-alone scripted narrative VR experience written by Dave Schultz and Travis Cloyd and Directed by Rob King and Josh Courtney. Produced by Travis Cloyd, Josh Courtney, Kevin DeWalt, Danielle Masters and Rob Bryanton. The experience was created by Minds Eye Entertainment and SkyVR in association with Bridgegate Pictures Corp., VMI Worldwide, Invico Capital, The Fyzz Facility and Talking Dog Studios. VR Distributed and VR Applications Developed by OneTouchVR. The Humanity Bureau feature film opens April 6th.

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