Handcrafted Business Growth

August 22, 2018

Our Annual Report, “Unlocking Creative Profitability” is now available.

You can meet many of the creative entrepreneurs we invested in right here.

Our Annual Report, “Unlocking Creative Profitability” is now available. Here’s one of our favourite stories about our investment in Jay Kimball's ceramics.

When you first encounter Jay Kimball’s two most commercially successful ceramic product lines, you might overlook the fact they were both created by the hands of the same artist.

But you’d be forgiven for not making the connection between intricate, tiny earrings, and bold, breathtaking platters. Kimball’s talent lies behind it all, and buyers are lining up to own his dinnerware and his jewelry.

“Before Creative Saskatchewan, I couldn’t access funding typically available to artists because my work is considered too commercial.”

“The investments Creative Saskatchewan has made in my ceramic production practice have been invaluable,” Kimball said. “I’ve been able to reach new markets with new products, to expand a line of jewelry, and create a new production line of functional dinnerware.”

As every creative entrepreneur knows, surging demand can lead to significant challenges.

“The jewelry had become so successful that I did not have enough inventory to supply many shops with orders,” Kimball said.

“It was all sold out within months at shows and personal sales, and dinnerware sales were stronger than I could keep up with as well.”

That’s the kind of success that helped Kimball secure another investment from Creative Saskatchewan in early 2018, which will help sales continue to grow.

“This year, Creative Saskatchewan’s investment will allow me to expand my jewelry and dinnerware lines,” Kimball said.

Kimball’s excited about the opportunities that lie ahead, and the unique role that Creative Saskatchewan continues to play in his success.

“I’ve never been able to access funding that is typically available to artists because my work is considered too commercial,” Kimball said.

“The investments available through Creative Saskatchewan have allowed me to expand my business plan and to generate more revenue for my growing business.”