Making Icelandic Waves

It's nice in Iceland this time of year, just ask The Garrys.

"We had heard of the Iceland Airwaves festival a long time ago, and knew it to be a really cool showcase of both Icelandic and international music. Playing there was something of a "bucket list" dream of ours for a long time." -Julie Maier, Bassist

Just arriving home from playing the 2019 Icelandic Airwaves Festival, the trio of sisters are finding success across the pond.

After a single show in Reykjavík, the capital of Iceland, the city has managed to claim the top spot for Spotify followers. The band made the trip possible with an investment from our Market Travel Grant.

You may be asking yourself why Iceland? Success happens by making the right connections.

While performing at M for Montreal 2018, also supported by our Market Travel Grant, the band made an impression on Iceland Airwaves' creative director. The Garrys are positive this helped make their application stand out when they applied for the Iceland gig.

Describing themselves as playing chilled out garage surf pop, the band's album, Surf Manitou, is the perfect soundtrack to cruise into the weekend.