New TV Series "Building Bridges" Airs On City


February 21, 2018

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Wavelength Entertainment, an award-winning international media company, is pleased to announce the broadcast of its new original series beginning Monday Feb 26 at 10pm CST on City.

BRIDGING BORDERS is an emotional, eye-opening and inspirational documentary series that goes beyond the international headlines to showcase the incredible stories of everyday Canadians who band together to sponsor refugee families from overseas, then help them adjust to a new life in Canada.

Each episode tells a unique heart-wrenching yet up-lifting story. For the Canadians wanting to make a difference, it’s an anxious journey of raising money, deciding to accept a family, renting and furnishing a new home for them, then anxiously awaiting complete strangers at the airport. For the arriving refugees, that airport is both the end of a difficult journey, but also the start of a new beginning filled with culture shock and anxiety, but also relief and the promise of a safe new life.

Canada remains the only country in the world that has a private refugee sponsorship program – one that many other countries are trying to emulate.

Episode 1 - No Longer Refugees: Monday Feb 26 at 10pm CST Moved by images of the refugee crisis overseas, a group of neighbourhood friends decide to sponsor a family of six refugees from Sudan, hoping they can bring them to safety in Canada and help them adjust to life in a strange new land.

Episode 2 - From Syria to Saskatoon: March 5 at 10pm CST After fleeing the war in Syria, a young refugee couple and their one-year old child get a chance to start a new life when a group of Canadians decides to sponsor them and bring them to safety.

Episode 3 - Where is my Family: March 12 at 10pm CST After fleeing war-torn Aleppo, a young Syrian woman enlists a sympathetic group of Canadians to see if they can help her bring the rest of her family, still stuck overseas in Lebanon, to safety.

Episode 4 - The Universal Language: March 19 at 10pm CST With the refugee crisis in the news, a well-known Canadian children’s choir decides to try and make a difference. Raising money with the help of song, they embark on an emotional journey, hoping to provide a safe new home in Canada to a young family who has fled Eritrea.

"Bridging Borders is an emotional series about people helping people / families helping families. It is truly inspiring to create a new project that has the potential to share these Canadian stories with viewers throughout the world and have a positive impact upon many lives. It would not be possible to tell these stories without the ongoing support/involvement from MCC Saskatchewan, Creative Saskatchewan's Screen-Based Media Production Grant, Rogers Media Inc., Joanne McDonald and Will Dixon at City Saskatchewan, and other partners." says Christopher Triffo (Producer/Showrunner).