There's No Business Like Shoe Business

Adam Finn is making a name for himself making custom shoes - one pair at a time. Customers love the Saskatoon shoemaker’s work so much, they wait for months for their own handmade pair.

Finn kept up to demand as best he could, but as his fashionable footwear grew in popularity, he realized that financial success would hinge on getting ahead of the cobbling curve, and actually stocking some shoes on his shelves.

That’s when Finn discovered how a Creative Industries Production Grant could help him reach his goals.

“The grant allowed me to sell shoes to customers off-the-shelf and online,” says Finn.

“I used the financial support from Creative Saskatchewan to manufacture 72 pairs of footwear in 3 styles and several different sizes. Now I’m able to sell to clients who appreciate custom quality, but might not want to wait several weeks to get it.”

But, impact of the grant was more profound than just putting more stock on the shelves. Finn says it allowed his business to move forward rather than tread water.

“The breathing room provided by Creative Saskatchewan’s financial support allowed me to reevaluate my whole manufacturing process and make it much more efficient,” Finn says.

“The production refinements I’ve made mean my business is now expanding much more rapidly than had previously been possible. I’m now very close to reaching my next goal - opening up a storefront.”