Virtual Reality Research Pays Off

The Grid VR Arcade in Regina is one of the first virtual reality entertainment centres in Canada. Part of the reason it's ahead of curve is thanks to a Research Grant from Creative Saskatchewan. Today, Rob Bryanton is the owner and operator of The Grid VR Arcade. But just a couple of years ago, it was still on the drawing board. Bryanton knew there were several challenges to overcome, and one of them was of particular concern. "We had to make sure the public could visit our VR Arcade and be able to launch and exit games themselves, without ever wandering into the Windows operating system," Bryanton explained. "We built that interface ourselves, and it was support from Creative Saskatchewan's Business Capacity and Research Grant programs that allowed us to do that."

Not only does that interface make the social VR gaming experience possible, but because it's unique, it has market value. "There's a lot that went into creating that interface, and it can be used by other people who want to do what we're doing, so we're very excited about the resale possibilities," Bryanton said. There's one more thing that makes The Grid VR Arcade one-of-a-kind in the country. "We're very proud to have made this experience wheelchair accessible," Bryanton says. "We expect to have many customers join us in their wheelchairs, put on the goggles, wheel around our large space, and interact with virtual reality."

For more information on The Grid VR Arcade, click here.